1 Year Membership


For the first years membership that you pay £25  and  you will receive the following:

1) You will receive a 25% gift voucher code. This will entitle them to 25% discount that make on purchases throughout your 1 year membership

2) 3 months into your membership you will receive 3 greetings cards with choice of designs.

3) 6 months into yourmembership youwill receive a poster with a new design

4) 9 months into your membership you will receive a mug with their own design choice

5) 12 months into their membership you will receive a 2nd new design poster

6) emailed updates on special offers and new products as and when the product becomes available

7) 2 X Prize draws a year with 10 x cash amounts that can be won  for each draw

For £25 you get 1 x mug worth £12, 2 x posters worth £25 each … that’s a total value of £62 of product for just £25 and a 25% discount on all other purchases for the next year. Not only that you have 2 chances to win thousands of pounds in the 2 X Prize draws per year.

You will be emailed a voucher code for your 25% discount within 24 hours of the purchase of your membership.

You also get 3 greeting cards worth £9 altogether so actually you get £71 of products for just £25!!


How much am i saving by becoming a member?

That’s represents a saving of £46 plus you have your 25% discount voucher on top of that and entry into 2 x Free prize draws per year!